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Data Center in Hyderabad


Hyderabad datacenter Power & Power backup
Hyderabad Data Center India building is served by two 33KV lines from two different power generating sources i.e. Hydropower and Thermal power. Apart from the redundant power sources DG backup is supported with (n+n) configuration. At distribution level UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system with 2(n+1) configuration. Dual bus power architecture up to rack level. This kind of multiple redundancies helps us to achieve 99.995% power uptimes


Hyderabad datacenter Cooling
Data Center is protected by redundant Blue Star indoor environment control systems and is maintained at an optimal temperature and humidity. The environment control systems provide precise, reliable control of the data center temperature, humidity, and airflow that provide conducive operating conditions for sensitive electronic equipment.


Physical Protection System
The entire premise is monitored through Video Based Close Circuit TV system for 24X7 Security Surveillance. General level security personnel are available on 24 hour basis at all the entry and exit points into the premise with any non employee entrance restricted to only primary entry point. Physical entry of any visitor or non employee beyond the Lobby is permitted only with authorized employee presence at all times within the facility to build in additional level of security.
Physical access to the Main Data Center facility is protected through a Biometric Finger-Print Scan facility with an added access card based authentication system.


Staffing & Customer Relationship
Trained technical staff will be on hand on a 24/7 basis if required, allowing you access to your servers at all times. Our clients are also provided with 24 hours X 7 days X 365 days Customer Care Center to cater to their diverse selective needs.


Atmospheric Conditioning
The Data Center Facility is built with special units in which we use the automated Tata Liebert Systems in pairs of 10 TR and 5 TR built on a full redundancy loop. The average temperature maintained in the data center is 17 degrees. The environment is controlled for atmospheric composition and is based on bottom up airflow systems. The Data Center Facility is isolated from the main facility’s 2X170 TR air conditioning system. This system is hence utilized purely as a backup option in case of a failure in the main system.


Hyderabad datacenter Redundant Connectivity/Bandwidth Provisioning
Fastest speed. Low Latency.
Globally accessible: Redundant network backbone that connects to the world. Accessibility is further scaled through a range of interconnecting and peering relationships with other providers in India and across the world making the facilities "Carrier Neutral".

Shortest path routing: Accessible on shortest paths from other major domestic Indian ISPs with direct private peering relationships as well as peering at various points to NIXI, the public Internet Exchange in India.

Carrier neutral network access: Carrier-neutral data center facility, accessible through public Internet as well as private corporate lease, VPN, V-Sat, Dial-up and Wireless networks. Multiple domestic and international carriers / ISP termination at Data Center. We offer VSAT/Radio link accessibility in our datacenter India if required.

  Hyderabad Datacenter advantages:
  1. Guaranteed fastest connectivity in India.
  2. India's 1st Tire4 Datacenter.
  3. 24* 7, Free Industry leading Customer service and support based on ISO 9001-2000 & ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified processes.
  4. Ample amount of bandwidth in Indian datacenter.