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Server colocation Network in india

Server Colocation network is Secure, private, out-of-band connection to fully manage your IT environment.Comprised of two separate and distinct redundant network architectures, the Host Right Now network-within-the-network design delivers enterprise level hosting services while adding complete management and flexibility to the outsourced environment.
Benefits of the Server Colocation Public Network Structure
  Multiple Internet Backbone Connections
  Cisco Systems 10G Network
  Cisco Guard DDOS Protection
  Tipping Point IPS/IDS Protection
  Arbor Peak flow Traffic Analysis
  Arbor Atlas Global Traffic Analyzer
  Automated IP Routing and Management
  Individual Secure Private VLAN per Customer
  Add Servers to Existing VLANs On-the-Fly
  Add Services to Existing Servers On-the-Fly
  Gigabit Speeds from Server to Internet
  Supports Dedicated, VDS, Grid Technologies
Benefits of the Server Colocation Private Network Structure
  Secure Out-of-Band Management via VPN
  Free Server to Server Cross Connects
  Unlimited Bandwidth for Uploads / Downloads
  Individual Secure Private VLANs per Customer
  Access to Private OS Update Servers
  Access to Private Local DNS Resolvers
  Access to OS Reload and OS Change Servers
  Access to Soft Layer Software Repository
  Access to Centralized NAS / Backup
  Access to McAfee Security Update Server
  Gigabit Speeds from Server to Server
  Secure Customer to Customer Cross Connects