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Dedicated Server India

A Dedicated server is a type of internet hosting where the client the leases the entire server which cannot be shared anyone. By leasing a dedicated for your organization you can manage the sever with your choice of operating system or hardware. These servers are often used in data centers providing redundant power to your systems and most of the times give you a larger return on investment with less overhead costs. If you are planning to host, your site on the web there are several servers available and dedicated server is one such server that is hosts your site exclusively and lets a complete access and control over the server. The advantages of having such servers are that it can run very complex scripts. These dedicated servers are capable of maintaining huge databases, web oriented projects and fresh testing systems. The dedicated web hosting server will be best suited for the people who do not mind troubleshooting troubles that may arise and for those who have a good working knowledge of the server operating system.

By the phrase “Dedicated Server India” our mean is our Dedicated Server are in Indian datacenters and are physically in India and our Dedicated Server Service is also called as “Dedicated Hosting India” or “Dedicated Server Hosting India


We provides global, on-demand data center and hosting services from facilities across All India and other countries like U.S., UK and Asia. We leverage best-in-class connectivity and technology to innovate industry leading, fully automated solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, control, security, and scalability.

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Why  for Dedicated Hosting in India?  
- Support:
Our experienced server support staff and advanced monitoring tools allow us to provide the industry's most comprehensive  Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.  
- Full Control:
You have full Admin access to the server and optional features such as a full remote console, remote reboot, remote power on/off, and remote CD-ROM support. You can configure your server any way you wish to support your unique environment.
- Performance: Our high-performance Dell Power Edge Servers and 100% Uptime Gigabit network deliver unparalleled performance to run server /application environments.  
- Security: Our extensive security services enable you to run your server and your applications in a hardened environment to support 24/7 business-critical environments.  
- Managed Services:
HRNTIPL offers an extensive list of managed services including Managed Firewalls, Virus Protection, Intrusion Prevention, Data Encryption, O/S Updates, Managed Data Backups, and more

You can select your preferred city in India for Dedicated Severs hosting from following datacenters in India :

Dedicated Sever in Delhi: Delhi is the capital of India, A high level of redundancy on the power front makes us  a self-sustained power generation Unit DVB (Delhi Vidyut Board) is the source of power feed. Delhi Datacenter provides you all the advantages of a Level 3 Data Center with exceptionally high service levels.
You can purchase Dedicated Sever Delhi from any of our Dedicated Severs Delhi plans:

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Dedicated Sever in Hyderabad: Hyderabad Data Centers 63.3.632.23.3. India building is served by two 33KV lines from two different power generating sources i.e. Hydropower and Thermal power.
You can purchase Dedicated Server Hyderabad from any of our Dedicated Servers Hyderabad plans:

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Dedicated Sever in Chandigarh: The Power Management System consists of N + N world-class Merlin Gerin UPS Modules with automatic static bypass / manually operated full-maintenance bypass circuits at each Data center.
You can purchase Dedicated Sever Chandigarh from any of our Dedicated Severs Chandigarh plans:

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Dedicated Sever in Mumbai: The data center provides redundant power systems with an Inline power backup using MGE UPS systems and diesel generators with ample standby fuel.
You can purchase Dedicated Severs Mumbai from any of our Dedicated Severs Mumbai plans:

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Dedicated Sever in Bangalore: The Data Center Facility is built with special units in which we use the automated Tata Liebert Systems in pairs of 10 TR and 5 TR built on a full redundancy loop.
You can purchase Dedicated Sever Bangalore from any of our Dedicated Severs Bangalore plans:

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Dedicated Sever in Chennai: Data Center is protected by redundant Blue Star indoor environment control systems and is maintained at an optimal temperature and humidity.
You can purchase Dedicated Sever Chennai from any of our Dedicated Severs Chennai plans:

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Dedicated Sever in Jaipur: The Data Center Facility is isolated from the main facility’s 2X170 TR air conditioning system. This system is hence utilized purely as a backup option in case of a failure in the main system.
You can purchase Dedicated Sever Jaipur from any of our Dedicated Severs Jaipur plans:

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