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Terms and Conditions

  1. Period of Service:  Minimum of 1 month from the Date of Activation.

  2. Payment Terms: The Service charges are per terms and conditions mentioned in above section. All payments have to be remitted before 7 days of the due date as mentioned in the bill. Server-Colocation-India reserves the right to discontinue the services in case of delay in or non-payment of the billed charges.

  3. Arbitration: In case of any unresolved disputes arising out of the provisioning of Server-Colocation-India’s services, or from the terms of this contract, either party may pursue any remedy it may have at law. All such arbitration would be carried out within Jaipur City limits.

  4. Force Majeure: If at any time during the continuance of Server-Colocation-India’s services, the performance in whole or part, of any obligation under it shall be prevented or delayed by reason of war, hostility, acts of the public enemy, civil commotion, sabotage, fire, flood, explosion, epidemic, quarantine restriction, strikes, lock-out, or act of God etc., the subscriber shall not have any claim for damages against Server-Colocation-India in respect of such non - performance or delay in performance of Server-Colocation-India’s services.

  5. Other Conditions: Server-Colocation-India’s Data Center services may be used only for lawful purposes. Transmission, distribution or storage of any material that is adult in nature, causes security threat to the nation or is religiously defamatory or is in violation of any applicable law or regulation, is prohibited. The servers will be monitored regularly and in the event of any observed deviations, al contracted services will be discontinued without prior intimation to the customer.

  6. Compliance with Acceptable Use Policy: Server-Colocation-India has issued its Acceptable Use Policy. The customer is expected to honor the clauses stated in the policy. From time to time, any amendments to this policy will be posted on the our web site and the customer in principle should be aware of these changes and should agree to the clauses stated.

  7. Termination of Services: The Customer reserves the right to terminate the agreement and service by giving a 30 days’ notice in writing.